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The Synapse® has no weights or bands that can slip or break to cause injury. It accommodates maximal effort while simultaneously reducing the risk of injury to a minimum.  The Synapse calibrates the resistance to your ability always - so the body is only exposed to forces it can safely handle

  • No weights that can fall or cause injury- especially when fatigued​

  • No stored energy in the system as with bands that can recoil or snap and cause injury

  • Movement can be stopped at any moment without any concern by simply ceasing to exert force.  With all other forms of resistance care must be taken to safely re-rack the weight,  or control stored energy to avoid injury

  • Most injuries occur when forces exceed the level that the body can withstand. Custom Calibrated Resistance (CCR)™ ensures that your body is only exposed to forces it can generate - dramatically reducing the risk of injury

  • The Synapse® is equally effective and safe for many populations and applications: Elite athletes, fitness and strength enthusiasts, senior generations, and rehab

  •  Assembled in the USA with high quality materials that are all officially rated for strength and durability​

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