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  For over 20 years Raj Chaudhuri has traveled the world as a professional Tennis Coach and Strength and Conditioning Coach.  His experience of working on the WTA Tour as well as Fed Cup, and Olympic teams provided tremendous insight into the needs of an elite athlete.  The competition in the world of professional sport demands a constant search to find more effective methods to elevate performance. There is a delicate balance required to train an athlete to their potential without endangering their safety and livelihood.  The concept behind the Synapse® aimed to remove the limitations of current training methods and enable an athlete to train at maximum capacity without fear of injury.

     After combining real world experience, cutting edge scientific research,  and numerous trials on multiple prototypes, the Synapse® was born.  Its simple, elegant design automatically tailors the resistance to each individual, making it possible to fully and safely load all phases of movement (concentric, isometric, eccentric).  This unique feature can more efficiently improve strength and fitness, help prevent injury, and makes strength training accessible to any population.  It is our aspiration that professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts, mature populations and physical therapy patients can all employ the Synapse® to achieve their performance, strength and fitness goals.  Everyone can maximize their potential with the Synapse®


Raj Chaudhuri

Inventor of the Synapse

Professional Tennis Coach / Strength and Conditioning Coach with over 2 decades of experience working with numerous Grand Slam and WTA Tour Champions as well as US Fed Cup, and Olympic Teams

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