Core Principles

Strong Posture - Deep muscle fatigue and failure is the goal. Maintain position despite the declining ability to generate force

Continuous Breathing

Start position is at the end of concentric phase (furthest point from anchor)

​​Force is generated in line with the main pulley system - throughout all phases of movement, force is generated away from anchor point

Engage entire kinetic chain - ground force production

Grey Control Strap dictates the pace and range of motion

Controlled, deliberate movement while exerting maximal force with the intention of moving fast

Dynamic body movements increase range of motion​​​

Exercise / Movement Tutorials

Workouts / Timers

Complete Body Once a Week Workout 


STRENGTH GAINS In only 22 min. Per Week!

NOTE: This workout protocol is extremely efficient. It is designed to systematically exhaust all muscle fiber types and is performed only once a week. The intensity is far greater than with conventional equipment and requires 5-7 days for full recovery.

More Workouts Coming Soon...