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  • Custom Calibrated Resistance Specialist 1.0 - NY
    Sat, Nov 12
    The Strength Club NY
    Learn the science backed benefits of Supramaximal Eccentric and Maximal Isokinetic Training. Unlock true eccentric overload training and apply the Synapse to a wide variety of unique applications. Synapse CCR is an Approved Provider : NASM (0.8) CEU AAFA (8) CEU

CCR Specialist Course Reviews

Juan Sanchez
RIZE Sports Performance
Mesa, AZ
Great information presented. To be able to train our athletes supramaximally eccentric safely with the Synapse will be a game changer in our training. The hands on lab portion was fantastic.
Dr. Cary Gundlach, DC, C.C.S.P.
I had purchased the Synapses and used it in my office with patients for rehabilitation from injuries, retraining abnormal movement patterns and overall stabilization of the whole body. Taking the CCR Specialist course was such an eye-opening experience. It allowed me to fine tune things and implement new processes with patients. I would highly recommend the CCR Specialist course for insight on the use of the Synapses and the collaboration with other practitioners and health specialist.
Dr. Sean Drake
Athlete Empowered / Athlete Chiropractic
Mesa, AZ

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