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Current research continues to affirm that high intensity training is beneficial for building strength, weight loss and overall health.  The Synapse® makes YOU the driving force and matches the effort you put in.  It allows you to generate maximal forces at all times - creating a new form of training that is unrivaled in intensity.

  • Give your best - exert full effort for concentric, isometric and eccentric phases of movement  - a feature unique to the Synapse® that surpasses the capability of weights, machines, bands, or body weight exercise​

  • One high intensity set of 90 sec completely engages and fatigues all muscle fiber types (I, IIA, IIB)

  • Provides virtually unlimited resistance. The Synapse®  with CCR™ continuously and precisely calibrates to match your strength -  from 1 lb to 660 lbs.​

  • Maximal neural drive- demanding that the highest number of muscle fibers are recruited and firing at all times​

  • Systematically expend all muscle fiber types- resulting in a metabolic demand that stimulates multiple systems (neural, muscular, and hormonal) to increase strength and muscle 

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