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Custom Calibrated Resistance (CCR)™ ensures that every second of your workout is optimized. Maximal forces can be generated throughout the entire range of motion with the Synapse® precisely calibrating the resistance to you individually.  As a result, muscles are fatigued with the most efficient and thorough method possible.  Workout durations can be drastically reduced - making it possible to make fitness gains while saving both time and money.

  • Synapse® CCR™- micro adjustments match the varying force production throughout the entire range of movement and for the duration of the set ​

  • Never a need to change weights or adjust resistance​

  • Eccentric exercise preferentially activates fast twitch muscle fibers - the most metabolically demanding fiber

  • The 22 min Synapse® full body workout is so effective it can be effective when performed only once a week​​​

  • Athletes can spend more time on their sport and skill development

  • Save time - complete an unrivaled high intensity workout virtually anywhere - no need to travel to the gym or wait for equipment​

  • Achieve fitness goals with dramatically less training time​​

  • Efficiency frees up time- more time for family, work, and leisure​

  • Simple, elegant design requires no electricity or power

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