Numerous research studies have proven that training the eccentric phase of movement is an extremely effective way of improving strength, muscle growth, flexibility, and connective tissue resilience. Unfortunately conventional equipment cannot load the eccentric phase of movement without presenting a significant danger of injury.  Unlike all other portable fitness devices, the Synapse® goes far beyond merely imitating the exercises that can be done in the gym.  With its unique ability to safely load the eccentric phase of movement, the Synapse® is the next evolutionary step in training methods.

  • Eccentric force production up to 1.75x stronger than during concentric contractions. Conventional equipment simply cannot adequately challenge the eccentric phase

  • The Synapse® with CCR™ is comprised of an exclusive mechanism that makes fully loaded eccentric training accessible and safe​

  • Resistance tailored precisely to the force you generate for the entire range of motion​​​

  • Maximal neural drive

  • Lengthening muscles under tension improve strength and flexibility and athletic performance​

  • Develop more robust ligaments, tendons, and connective tissues