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While the Synapse® was developed for professional athletes, it has broad applications.  Exercises are designed to challenge the nervous system to engage entire kinetic chains. The Synapse® can be adjusted to virtually any angle to encourage both coordination and balance.  Because it gives each individual the ability to safely exercise to their ability level, the Synapse® is optimally suited to train a wide variety of groups including: pro athletes, fitness enthusiasts, mature populations, and physical therapy / rehab.

  • Unilateral exercises engage kinetic chains and activate stabilizing muscles 

  • Increase bone density and enhance connective tissue resilience

  • Automatically calibrated workouts tailored to meet the individual needs of any user

  • Improve athletic performance

  • Push yourself to the absolute limit without fear of injury. Due to its unrivaled intensity, the Synapse® streamlines the time needed to make effective strength gains

  • No weights or stored energy - making strength training more accessible to beginners and mature populations

  • Custom Calibrated Resistance™ matches forces to a fraction of a pound - making the Synapse® an incredible tool to gain strength during rehab from injury or surgery

  • Adjustable anchors allows for resistance at any angle - specific lines of movement can be targeted

  • The Synapse® is versatile enough to perform a wide variety of training protocols with the added advantage of tailoring resistance specifically to you

  • Can be used individually or with a partner in Trainer Mode​

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