The complete TRAINER PRO System featuring Custom Calibrated Resistance. Safely train to your maximum potential virtually anywhere with up to 660 lbs. of resistance.  It provides a new and unrivaled training method - maximal neural drive and muscle engagement for the entire range of motion. The Trainer Pro model includes an additional Adjustable Harness and Carabiner to make partner based training hands free and more convenient. It includes both the Adjustable Door and Post Anchor - allowing the ultimate flexibility to train virtually anywhere.

Synapse TRAINER PRO Package

SKU: 000071
  • The Synapse TRAINER PRO System to train the entire body:

    • 4 pulley system with Control Strap
    • Adjustable Handle/ Foot Strap
    • Hip Harness (x2)
    • Connector Carabiners (x3)
    • Door Anchor (for 69" doorways- longer verison available upon request for larger doorways)
    • Adjustable Post Anchor
    • Roll Top Carry Bag