The complete PRO Package featuring Custom Calibrated Resistance.  Safely train to your maximum potential virtually anywhere with up to 660 lbs of resistance.  Provides a new and unrivaled training method- maximal neural drive and muscle engagement for the entire range of motion. The PRO Package comes with both the Adjustable Door and Post Anchor - allowing the ultimate flexibility to train virtually anywhere. 

Synapse PRO Package

SKU: 000070
  • The Synpase PRO Package to train the entire body:

    • 4 pulley system with Control Strap
    • Adjustable Handle/ Foot Strap
    • Hip Harness
    • Connector Carabiners (x2)
    • Door Anchor (for 69" doorways- longer verison available upon request for larger doorways)
    • Post Anchor
    • Roll Top Carry Bag